The world has changed—the world of fashion has not. That’s why we started Canary Fashions. We have three core principles:
Direct to you
You will only find our shirts at Because we skip wholesale, you skip the markup. This means we take pride in offering the most stylish, premium, steal-the-show kind, gorgeous trends_ ''so'' let your day start and end with Canary Fashions luxurious shirts at a better price.
A smaller footprint
Canary Fashions strives to minimize our impact on the environment. We make our clothes with local fabrics and materials. A substantial share is made from organic cotton. from 2021 we offset our CO2 emissions in the most serious climate compensation project we’ve come across. Carbon offsetting is not our suggestion of a long-term solution, but it means that we are taking responsibility right now – much better than the status quo. We want to be fully sustainable and promise to keep marching to lessen our environmental footprint even further. Read more about our carbon offsetting here.
Clothes without expiry date
Canary Fashions makes clothes with classic, evergreen design and long-lasting quality. Instead of following every fashion trend, we want to create clothes that last and that you’ll love to wear for years.
Our Customers- the centre of Canary Fashions existence- are as unique and individual as you, and stay loyal as we provide a one-step solution to all their fashion needs. this is good for the planet. the least eco-friendly shirt is the one you have to replace every other month.
Presenting a wide range of offers that can be availed throughout the year, we believe in making the best investment for our customers and make your shopping a pleasurable affair.
Canary Fashions is a modern, Indian clothing label founded in 2021 by the Two Brothers Company. Canary Fashions reflects our ambition to make clothes to help you get through the triumphs and troubles of everyday life.